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Shabina is 9 years old and attends school in the Punjab region of India. Since one year she participates together with 8 other children of her class to discussion groups.

Their duty inside the school is to monitor that conditions meet the standards proposed by the government and to find solutions to her community problems.

Children are always proud of being useful contributors to common welfare and Shabina has already worked out a more efficient system to convince the youngest of children to wash their hands. As matter of fact the youngest often become ill because of eating with dirty hands.

 Her idea has been so appreciated that even the headmaster congratulated her publicly.




Valentina wrote to us : I have fulfilled the civil service with WeWorld. I have been involved in support to educational contestExponi
“EXPONI le tue IDEE”. It is a contest consisting of structured debates between student’s teams of high school on current issues (poverty, development, rights). Argument, material’s research, presentation capacity are only some elements characterising the project.

I have been impressed by the strong impact the project had on students, teachers, parents of involved schools: increased capacity in public speaking, deepening of current issues (usually overlooked), overcoming of preconceptions and prejudices, self-confidence and teamwork are only few of things learnt by students debating between them . A movement of more conscious teens is being born : we’ll hear about it !





To facilitate the inclusion of young boys, girls and teens it is necessary to promote their social participation by giving them the possibility of explaining their ideas and acknowledge them as active players.
They are citizens like all the others even if aged less than 18. Children know, children act, children must be heard.

In several countries of the world, including Italy, boys and girls are not involved in decisions relevant to their own lives, the life of their family and their community.

We have always been committed in the protection of childhood rights and keep fighting for children participation to social activities , giving them freedom of expression and getting them involved in the decision making process. Girls, boys and teens can and must become active players.


These are some of the actions we have developed to promote   social participation of citizens aged less than 18

Create a favourable environment for children expression, starting from turning school environment in safer and nicer places.
– Raise awareness of the importance of children participation : often we are told that children don’t have an opinion, actually may be that we are unable to listen them.
– Develop strategies and policies acknowledging children participation rights : start pilot initiative to make people aware that everybody benefits of increasing -participation of boys/girls and teens. Therefore we promote voluntary activities and civil service of guys and youngs as opportunity of growth and training.
– Facilitate involvement of women and children in the decision making structure : where women rights are promoted, children (mostly girls) take advantage and vice   versa if children rights are respected, without discriminations, opportunities for women increase.
– Educate boys and girls in public speaking , developing their ability of representing their arguments : we promote school debates on global issues and citizenship.

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