Child sponsorship

Child sponsorship is an act that changes two lives: the child’s and the supporter’s.

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Why child sponsorship is important

More than 8 million children in the world do not have enough food, are not vaccinated against the most common diseases and cannot study. Save a child from a scarred life, give him/her a new future. With child sponsorship, you can help a child to become the adult he/she dreams to be, to be aware of his/her rights and to bring changes in his/her community.

What you will receive

  • photo of the child

    As soon as your support begins, you will receive a photo and a card with all the information about the child and his/her community. Every year, you will receive a new photo and you will see how the child is growing thanks to your support.

  • Information about the child

    The child you support will send you drawings that he/she will make especially for you. You too can write to him/her whenever you want and you can visit him/her in his/her country: our operators will accompany you during your visit.

  • Periodic updates

    You will always be updated on our activities through emails or letters. We will also send you our magazine to show you all the projects we carry out with the help of our supporters.

  • We will never forget the eyes, humility and kindness of the people we met and who accompanied us on this visit
    Pietro WeWorld supporter
  • Child sponsorship is just one link in the chain and seeing the results of WeWorld's work has confirmed to us that a small action can be the beginning of a great thing.
    Tommy WeWorld supporter
  • The emotion you feel when you meet the child you are supporting cannot really be explained. It's an experience I wish everyone to live.
    Valentina WeWorld supporter
  • How to support a child from a long distance?
    Supporting a child from a long distance is simple and safe. Fill out the form with all your data, choose the method you prefer to help us and start this journey made of love that binds you, with an invisible thread, to a child far away. A thread made of love, dignity and hope for the future. The ways in which you can help us are: Credit Card: give us your credit card details safely, choose the frequency with which you want to help us and make your first donation immediately. Satispay: fast and practical method to donate safely.
  • How much does a child sponsorship cost?
    With 82 cents a day, you can help a child and the entire community in which he/she lives. Your help comes in the form of services (food, medical care and education); we do not physically deliver money to the children or their families. The money then goes to development projects carried out in the community where the child lives.
  • Why should I trust you?
    Thanks to our institutional sponsors, 24,500 supporters, 32 companies and foundations, and 7 corporate partnerships, we reach over 7 million direct beneficiaries and nearly 50 million people in 27 countries. We have been officially recognized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In order to fulfil our duties of fairness, we have joined the European Union's register for the transparency of financial statements and have established our own Code of Ethics, in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, which strictly regulates the work of the organization.