Educational competition of debates between high schools throughout Italy.

Exponi le tue idee! (Expose your ideas!) is an educational competition based on debate and cross-examination aimed at Italian high schools. The boys and girls who participate have the task of deepening the topics proposed in the challenges that are inspired by highly topical global issues, such as:  human rights, inclusion, participation, environmental protection, sustainability, non-discrimination, migration and development.

Exponi le tue idee! is an opportunity to exercise participation and active citizenship for students, teachers and volunteers. Two teams face each other in a debate that will see the main characters argue and defend theses or antitheses in relation to specific global issues. Only one of the two teams will be the winner, demonstrating the validity of its thesis on the one of the opponent. Students will need good research, exposition and argumentation skills.

By debating on opposing theses, the winner will be the team that will make its position prevail without, however, overpowering the other team.

Exponi le tue idee! 2020/2021 #CLIMATEOFCHANGE EDITION