Make a donation and help us to support our projects

Choose how to support us
  • Liberal Donation

    A company can make an economic contribution to support our activities in Italy and abroad or to create with us a new project, built on the real needs of the beneficiaries and with the commitment to manage it in a transparent, traceable and sustainable way. It is possible to make a unique and punctual donation or a continuous one by periodically paying a desired fee. All donations are tax-deductible.

  • In-kind Donation

    The products of the business company can be valuable resources for the development of our activities: a company car, a computer, stationery materials, but also pro bono goods and services can improve the quality of our interventions. The in-kind donations allow us to lighten our living expenses and to obtain fundamental resources for our projects. An in-kind donations are also tax-deductible.

  • Child sponsorship

    Sponsor a child means guarantee to kids living in poverty and exclusion healthy meals, regular medical visits and the right to education, giving them a better future. The donor is constantly updated on the growth and health of children through photos, information sheets and drawings made by them.