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CSR with WeWorld

Corporate Social Responsibility plays an increasingly strategic and fundamental role in the growth of a company. Many companies have chosen us as partners to develop their CSR activities, sharing a path with a high social, economic, environmental and cultural impact, made of common values and goals. We work by enhancing the needs of our beneficiaries and building initiatives that focus on sustainability and the interests of the company’s stakeholders, together with the commitment to achieve positive synergies in medium and long-term programs.
How to collaborate with us
  • Support us

    Contribute with a cash or an in-kind donation in the way you prefer most. Donations from companies and foundations are tax-deductible.

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  • SME programme

    Through the SME programme, your company can become protagonist of an important social initiative: choose to support the theme most in line with your mission and values.

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  • Become a Partner

    We are committed to create a win-win partnership designed according to a personalized plan, made of actions in line with the corporate identity and culture.

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Our partners and successful stories

Many companies choose to create a collaboration with us, generating shared value and promoting a culture attentive to the people and the planet: discover their stories and what we did together.
Our partners and successful stories