We are here to answer your questions: on this page, you will find information on how to make a donation and how child sponsorship works.

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  • What are the tax benefits?
    All donations to WeWorld are tax deductible according to the limits specified by law. Keep the original receipt of your donation.
  • How does my help reach the child?
    Your help comes in the form of services (food, medical care and education); we do not physically deliver money to the children or their families. The money then goes to development projects carried out in the community where the child lives.
  • Do children know they are supported?
    Of course, the children know of your existence. A child can be long-distance supported when there is the collaboration of the school, but also the consent of his/her family, which is informed that there are friendly people in Italy, willing to help them.
  • Can I meet the child in person?
    If you wish, you can visit the child in his/her village. Imagine the emotion you will feel meeting him/her, shortening the distance between you. You will be able to discover for yourself the situation in which he/she lives and, above all, how your support helps him/her every day to overcome difficulties. To better organize your trip write to info@weworld.it or call 025681193; it is important that you contact us at least one month before departure to organize your visit with the work programs of our local operators. We will provide you with all useful information, including maps and instructions on how to reach his/her village. We will always be with you during your visit, being by your side when you will meet him/her.
  • Can I send them gifts?
    Sending a gift to a child, for example for Christmas, is a generous and beautiful act but, keep in mind that, unfortunately, not all children involved in our projects are lucky enough to have someone like you at their side to support them. It would be difficult for these little ones to understand and accept that only some of them receive gifts. Imagine the disappointment, we don't want to discriminate between children! In addition, the collection of gifts often involves a series of considerable formal difficulties and customs costs are so high that could exceed the value of the gift itself. For these reasons, we prefer that no gifts be sent to the supported child. There are other ways to give substance to your generosity. Using one of the slips you receive, or through the website, you can make a donation that will become your gift to all the children in the entire community where the little one you support lives.
  • Can I write to the child?
    We want you to have a bond with the child you will be supporting, you can let him/her know that you are close to him/her. The children are always happy to receive letters and cards, they know that you are helping them every day and they will get to know you. When you write to him/her (in English, French or Portuguese, depending on the child's country), we will reply with a photograph of the moment the child receives your letter. It is a unique emotion to be able to see the joy in his/her eyes when he/she receives something from his/her "friend". When the children are older and can write, they will send a reply if they wish. We will also provide you with an Italian translation. Here is the procedure in brief: • We will give you the address of our on-site office to send the letters to (please do not write your address on the envelope to avoid inappropriate requests from third parties); • We will provide you with a phrasebook to suggest expressions in the local language; • We will give your letter to the child and let you know when he/she has received it; • The child will decide whether to write back to you - many children still cannot write or are simply ashamed to address a stranger.