If you too believe that a better world is possible, join us!

For more than 50 years, we have been working in 27 countries around the world, including Italy. We want a better world where everyone has equal opportunities and rights, access to resources, health, education and work.

With your choice today you can help us ensure than women and children can have a better tomorrow, where their rights are guaranteed.

National Volunteering

What can we do together?

- Encourage advocacy actions during International Days, e.g. on 25 November, the International Day Against Violence Against Women;

- Organize workshops and educational interventions in school, after-school and university activities, such as the Exponi le tue Idee! (webpage in italian);

- Promote fundraising activities;

- Take part in the activities of our offices in Milan and Bologna;

- Get to know WeWorld from the inside and become part of a great team working to ensure that every person has equal opportunities and rights, access to resources, health, education and work;

- Get to know WeWorld while supporting the team at information stalls at events and much more.

International Volunteering

Experience volunteering with us around the world with European Solidarity Corps projects. What are the ESC projects? What positions are currently open? How can you apply? Find out here

Internships Italy

Curricular traineeships are foreseen in the curricula of universities or training institutions such as masters or vocational courses. To apply, write an email to volunteers@gvc.weworld.it attaching your CV and indicating the following details: reference institution, place/period of interest, topics/activities of interest, expected hours.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in our extracurricular traineeships to be carried out in or offices in Bologna or Milan, consult the vacancies here or send your spontaneous application.

The extracurricular traineeships guarantee the acquisition of specific skills, validated and recognised by regional promoting bodies, through the placement of the trainee in one of our departments: Communication, Administration-Finance and Control, International Programmes Department, Human Resources, Italy and Europe Programmes Department, IT, Legal & Compliance."

Internships abroad

If you are interested in a 6-month training experience in the humanitarian and international cooperation field, please send an e-mail to volunteers@gvc.weworld.it and attach your CV together with a motivation letter. Together we will check the availability.