Together to make big dreams come true

Being a Major Donor means choosing to make a big dream come true for communities where girls, boys and women still lack access to education, water and medical care.

More than 61 million children around the world are out of school. That means they don't have access to their future.

More than 61 million of tomorrow's men and women are at risk of becoming victims of violence, falling victim to the exploitation of child labour, becoming child brides, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and facing unwanted pregnancies.
Ensuring access to education for girls and boys is not always easy.
In the countries where we are operating, we have identified  5 barriers to inclusive and quality education for girls and boys:

In Kenya, poor access to food and water has significant consequences for girls' and boys' cognitive development, health and school learning. If they have been malnourished from the first 1,000 days of life (from conception until the child is 2 years old) they are likely to have permanent physical and intellectual impairments.
Together with you, we can ensure nutritious meals and adequate medical care to improve the health and development of girls and boys in Kenya.

In Brazil, the conditions of poverty, debt and violence experienced by families living in the semi-arid regions are reflected in children and adolescents with aggressive behaviour and conflictual relationships with peers, adults and teachers.
Together with you, we can contribute to taking care of the family and social life of children in Brazil.

In Italy, children living in poor families have fewer opportunities to live in stimulating environments for their cultural growth and this affects the possibility to learn, to know the world, to relate with others and to develop talents and aspirations, because unfortunately there is a close connection between economic poverty and educational poverty. Together with you, we can prevent and combat school drop-out and promote quality educational opportunities for all boys and girls.

You will receive all updates on the stages of the activities you choose to support, you can talk directly with WeWorld colleagues in the field and if you want, we will accompany you to visit the project you have chosen to implement!

There is nothing greater than the generosity that can offer
life and hope to a child.