Bequest: an action that goes beyond.

A bequest is an act of generosity that allows you to prolong your commitment to those in need and us to continue to support our development projects for women and children in need.

How is a bequest made? A bequest is a provision in your will stating to whom your assets, or part of them, will be allocated after your death. The will can be handwritten or public, that is drawn up by a notary in the presence of witnesses. The will is revocable, so it can be changed until the moment of death.

What can you leave to WeWorld? You can donate sums of money, securities, shares, investment funds. Or movable property such as works of art, jewellery, furniture. As well as real estate. Even your entire assets or a portion of them can be bequeathed, as well as a life insurance policy or your severance pay.

How much can you leave? No matter the size of your bequest, it will still be a great act of generosity that will help grow a life.
And your loved ones will always be protected by Italian law, which provides untouchable quotas for them.
According to the economic value of the bequest, we will identify the projects to which your contribution will be allocated.

  • When you have an important project at heart, you want to be able to take care of it forever, even when you're no longer there. And that's exactly what making a bequest allows you to do. I talked about it with my wife and children and they also agreed with my decision, because they know how important my support to WeWorld is for me and for the people we help. That's why I decided to make a bequest to WeWorld, so that a part of my assets can continue to help them in the development of projects for women and children in need. It is my way to allow a part of me to remain always by their side."
    Alberto WeWorld supporter