What we do

We work globally to recognise and guarantee the fundamental rights of every human being, especially women and children, tacke poverty and injustice and promote a sustainable and lasting development.

Areas of intervention

Our commitment translates into guaranteeing the right to water, food, health, education and dignity for each person. We work to tackle all kinds of violence as well as the causes and effects of climate change. We intervene to respond to emergencies and we are committed to ensuring that humanitarian aid can promote reconstruction.

Where we work


  • Global Projects

    We work in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, reaching over 7 million beneficiaries. Discover our projects around the world.

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Publications Activity Report_2019

2019 was an intense year, we worked hard and put a lot of passion into keeping the union between WeWorld
and GVC alive. We managed to turn our envisaged intentions into reality, bringing change where it was needed – the most
vulnerable communities in the world. We joined our skills, commitment and a vision focused on people to deal with what are now global interconnected emergencies even more effectively.