Cambodia is one of the poorest, most unequal and most problematic countries in terms of protection of human rights in Asia. WeWorld has been present in the country since 2009 with programmes focused on education, protection of child rights and migrants.  

With the children

We assure basic education and are committed to reducing the phenomenon of truancy of children belonging to the most vulnerable families in the rural areas.  Truancy Early Warning Systems (EWS), which are based on student data, allow us to quickly identify students who exhibit behaviour or academic performance that puts them at risk of truancy so that children and adolescents can be supported to stay in school, to be reinstated or to follow basic literacy classes. Other activities are aimed at strengthening child protection actions, with particular attention to the gender issue, which remains transversally present in all projects.   

No to trafficking

We work to protect women and girls from early marriage, sexual abuse, human smuggling and trafficking: new forms of slavery that affect millions of people, deprived of the most basic human, economic and social rights.   

As regards the issue of migrants, we have intervened against insecure migration, by promoting community prevention and protection actions and by facilitating an international dialogue between the Cambodian and Thai governments against the smuggling of migrants and the new slavery.   

In recent years, we have also developed several projects to fight against domestic violence linked to gender issues. Support to counselling activities were carried out for girls in primary schools, so as to be able to identify and prevent the phenomenon of truancy and prevent the protracted situations of violence.