In the last years, more than one million Cambodian migrants have been forced to cross the border toward Thailand, due to lack of work and poverty.

80% migrate irregularly as a consequence of scarce information and high costs of access to official channels. Those migrating without documents are exposed to labour exploitation and new slaveries, abuses and human trafficking. The project promotes the protection of migrants’ Gender encouraging safe channels and practices of migration. It supports the authorities of the two countries at different levels – from local to regional (ASEAN) – through training activities and networking, implementing adequate prevention and protection policies for the victims. Moreover, the project supports community responses for prevention and protection through 25 Self Help Groups among migrants involving social Ambassadors: migrants who have experienced violence and exploitation that are ready to recount their experience and help prevent new abuses. In conclusion, the project wants to strengthen Civil Society Organisations’ rightwatching and advocacy actions and uses communication campaigns to raise awareness of public opinion on migrants’ Gender.