The context

We promote the right to health by supporting public structures and, with global health in mind, we work hand in hand with the other related sectors of intervention: food, water, education, rights and humanitarian aid.

In the poorest areas, health interventions complement the fight against malnutrition of children and their mothers. In the last year, in fact, we screened 144,505 children and took care of the most serious cases. In order to guarantee access to treatment and an improved quality of the services offered, we created and strengthened 141 healthcare facilities for over 136,000 people, supplying equipment and supporting their management.  

  • 195 thousands healt services provided
  • 8 thousands prevention activities carried out
  • 445 thousands people reached

An efficient health promotion starts with the health workers, doctors and volunteers serving the communities. This is the reason why, in the last year, we organised 426 refresher courses, involving almost 6,000 people. By launching wider campaigns on public health, nutrition and hygiene, maternal and reproductive health, prevention against HIV, ebola and malaria, we reached almost 122,500 people, reducing their risk of contracting diseases.