WeWorld has been present in Mozambique since 2000. Over the years we have worked in numerous areas of the country and we are currently present in the provinces of Maputo, Manica and Cabo Delgado.  

Our intervention

In agreement with the social forces, local associations and regional administrations, we manage programmes for the enhancement of the local resources by improving the quality of the production of small rural producers. We also promote sustainable agriculture that enhances the natural resources of the area. 

We support the dissemination of innovative educational methodologies and the creation of professional paths. More specifically, we intervene with projects that aim at literacy and professional training, in contrast to the phenomenon of truancy. We work to increase youth employment and to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged sections of the population.

We believe that the development of a sustainable tourism can represent a factor favouring the increase of employment, especially among young people. This is why we promote professional training courses and exchanges of international good practices, involving the tourism businesses of the region. 

Humanitarian aids

In 2019, thanks to the coordination with specific local associations, we immediately took action to deal with the two emergencies caused by cyclone Idai and Kenneth, through direct help during the emergency of the basic needs for all: clean water, health, assistance and sanitation services. 

In the Province of Manica, one of the most affected by cyclone Idai, our local staff installed emergency lavatories and distributed filters and buckets for the collection and purification of water, reaching over 4,000 families. 

After the emergency, we activated programmes to restore economic resources for communities to act autonomously with the distribution of seeds and agricultural kits.