WeWorld has been present in Peru since 2002, supporting the most vulnerable families, agricultural cooperatives and shepherds in the Andes area. We are also committed to ensuring food safety in the areas most at risk.  

We assist the Upper Andean populations in the breeding of South American camelids, which are the main source of subsistence for these communities, through the organisation of cooperatives that promote economic, productive and commercial development in the area, creating a system for the exportation of products also in Italy.

To counteract food insecurity, therefore, we act on structural causes, distributing equipment and introducing new types of seeds, but also training the communities on the issues of production and marketing, supporting the creation of agricultural cooperatives. We work on the entire production chain to offer the population adequate tools to respond to future shocks. We support cooperatives, networks and associations of small producers and foster a family approach to agriculture.  

In a country where indigenous people are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, we intervene with advanced techniques to strengthen the community's ability to prevent and contain water threats and environmental risks

We are also engaged in the Andean mining corridor to improve the environmental governance and promote sustainable territorial development through the support of indigenous and peasant (campesina) communities. More specifically, we support defenders of human and environmental rights in managing conflicts and in developing negotiation and social dialogue with the local institutions and with national and multinational companies.