WeWorld has been present in Cuba since 1993. Initially, our interventions were focused on humanitarian assistance to support the local population hit by the economic crisis of the early nineties. Over the years, we have developed cooperation projects to ensure food, health, education, socio-economic development and interventions to reduce the risk of natural disasters.  

In recent years, one of the issues we have focused on most is gender equality. We also intervened to promote participatory processes and enhance local skills, in particular to support the most vulnerable groups in the country: the elderly, young people, women and children.

In 2030, Havana will be the city with the highest percentage of elderly people in all of Latin America. For this reason, we strengthen the system of assistance to the elderly, favouring the introduction of innovative elements and making the management more sustainable. Thanks to a series of exchanges, we foster knowledge of the Italian personal care cooperative system and support the training of local staff.   

Gender equality

We are committed to giving visibility to the role of women in care and assistance work.  Instead, as regards disabled young people, we promote their training in view of the attainment of a profession and of a greater autonomy in daily life. We create new job placement opportunities for young people with mental retardation and raise awareness in society on the need for a greater inclusion of disabled people.   

In the past we have intervened to deal with the various environmental emergencies, mainly caused by droughts and hurricanes. We also work in the field of natural disaster risk reduction through the creation of warning systems in different communities.  

Finally, we have always supported the enhancement of cultural heritage through the creation of theatre, music, dance courses and by encouraging the use of audiovisual tools.