WeWorld works in Italy in support of children's and women's rights and in guaranteeing dignity to all, including migrants and asylum-seekers.
We promote awareness of global dynamics and an active role - as individuals and as a community - in compliance with the principles of equality and social and environmental justice, stimulating new ways of intervening and influencing citizens and the civil society.

Gender rights and equality

We promote the rights of all women and fight against any gender-based violence that causes physical, sexual, economic or psychological suffering for women.  

In the Spazio Donna facilities, skilled female staff create a welcoming place where relationships of trust can be built and women’s awareness raised through interventions that can restore their self-esteem, abilities and independence. The proposed activities are free and specific attention is paid to the mother/child relationship and to the little ones, through the child care service for boys and girls between 0 and 8 years of age, which is entrusted to experienced operators.  


We prevent and fight against school dropouts in Italy thanks to the involvement of teachers, parents, institutions, public and private bodies. We do so because we believe that education is not just a right, but an investment that the whole educating community must take on board.  

We carry out laboratory and training activities in various Italian cities for adolescents and fight against educational poverty through an approach of empowerment of the educating community, which is characterised by a strong supervision and connection with all the formal and informal realities of the intervention area.  

Direct aid  

We are committed to ensure the dignity and the rights of people who have migrated due to war, poverty and global warming. Since 2016, WeWorld has been operating at the Italian-French border in the city of Ventimiglia, where men, women and children are blocked and cannot continue their journey towards northern Europe. Since then, we have set up an assistance service for migrants and asylum-seekers in transit so that human rights can be assured to all. We provide legal and social assistance services and even distribute primary goods, when necessary.  

Global citizenship education  

Making citizens aware of the global dynamics, giving them a primary role in the construction of a fairer and more sustainable world and helping them exercise their rights and their responsibilities towards others is the great challenge and urgency we face in our actions to raise awareness and education for global citizenship. In this way we involve the entire educating community so that it embraces the concept of solidarity and supports it and integrates it with that of participation, in a relationship of reciprocity.   

Advocacy, Policy and Partnership  

Through action-research, the development of policies and advocacy activities, we promote the principles and methods that guide our cooperation and humanitarian aid activities and put the spotlight on the regulations and barriers that hinder the respect of human rights. We establish partnerships and promote dialogue among multiple actors to find shared solutions, restoring the dignity and promoting the human development of the most vulnerable.