The project offers educational activities based on the Global Citizenship Education approach in order to contextualize the issue of gender-based violence, identify cause-and-effect links between its dimensions and strengthen the ability of youth to impact it.

Students in the first and second grades of secondary schools will gain a deeper understanding of gender issues through workshops led by operators and thematic experts. The workshops will focus on cultural stereotypes, youth’s perspectives and an intersectional approach, contributing in such a way to the prevention of gender-based violence among adolescents.

The youth involved will also be supported in the enhancement of their ability to act in favour of a new gender culture through co-designing online and offline initiatives that raise awareness of gender inequalities. The classes’ ideas will be disseminated nationwide, which will help a larger audience become aware of a stereotype-free culture.


- workshops on gender stereotypes in first-grade secondary schools;

- workshops in gender-based violence and inequalities as well as co-designing awareness-raising actions in upper secondary schools: awareness-raising actions will include events like conferences, flash mobs, street actions, photo exhibit and contents disseminated through a nationwide online communication campaign.