The YOULEAD project, funded by European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), is based on a participatory approach that puts youth at the centre of change.  

The aim is to enable youth from Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria to define a set of priorities concerning issues such as climate change, education and civic participation.  

Thanks to the European youth survey, the organization of a debating contest in each country and the online European meetings, youth increased knowledge about policy processes and climate change issues, useful in developing an Advocacy Manifesto_Our future in present tense: a Youth Manifesto. 

On February 15th and 16th, 2024, a delegation of 27 youth took part in a Study trip to Brussel, useful to prepare the presentation of the Advocacy Manifesto to EU Policy Officer Mr. Papaioannou.  

During the first day, a Facilitator from Fairtrade, appointed by Suedwind, invited the youth to reflect again on the topics contained in the advocacy Manifesto, to analyse its content and gain confidence about topics concerning the climate change.  

The next morning, the facilitator appointed by Suedwind focused on the advocacy methods and techniques to prepare youth for presenting the Manifesto during the round table later that day. 

The experience will be shared in a subsequent online European Multistakeholder meeting   to capitalize on the experience of young people with their peers and relevant stakeholders at national level. Young people will be the protagonists of the event and will tell stakeholders about their experience, their points of view and their proposals. The event will be the final stage of the YouLead project started in 2022.