WeWorld has been active in Nicaragua since 1984, guaranteeing a constant presence in the most vulnerable areas of the country, such as the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, an area prevalently characterised by an indigenous population, and the rural regions of the Central-northern area of ​​the country, such as Matagalpa and Jinotega. 

The context

According to data from the UNDP Human Development Index, Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the world and the second  after Haiti in Latin America. The effects of the economic downturn affect the entire population, especially the already vulnerable female component.  In recent years there has been an increase in the rates of violence and murders of women. Nicaragua has the highest rate of early pregnancies due to sexual abuse among the countries of Central America.

Our intervention

We are committed, together with local women's associations and movements, to prevent gender-based violence and to promote processes of emancipation of girls and women, by encouraging a change in cultural models and social patterns that induce violent and discriminatory behaviour.  

Our action is structured in 3 components: prevention and direct assistance, awareness-raising and economic empowerment.  Prevention actions include training programmes on human rights and gender equality. Legal and medical support is guaranteed by assisting the victims and their children. Awareness-raising campaigns increase the awareness of the population through local media content and social networks. Finally, economic empowerment is based on the foundation of community revolving funds and allows women to undertake individual or collective productive activities.  

We participated in the birth of the “Red de Albergues” or Network of Refuge Houses, a space for coordinating women's organisations that offer hospitality, protection and support to women victims of violence and to their children. 

From the environmental point of view, we work in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region to create a new solid waste management system through the introduction of new recycling practices and through the offer of job opportunities for the most vulnerable groups.  Furthermore, alongside these interventions, we also carried out a strong environmental awareness-raising and education campaign.

Finally, we take care of assisting the families of the Municipality of Ciudad Darío, region of Matagalpa, which is one of the most affected by drought and exposed to a greater risk of food insecurity. Families receive food coupons, with particular attention to the needs of children. We also organise awareness-raising events on the issues of nutrition, food and health.