This project seeks to work against the effects of gender violence in Nicaragua in all its forms and manifestations, focusing on women, girls, boys, and adolescents. In this sense, not only the protection and care of survivors and people at risk of violence is reinforced and strengthened, but also the social awareness about the problem in all its general forms.

The context of intervention

Nicaragua is one of the countries in the Central American Region with the highest rate of gender violence. The number of femicides and teenage pregnancies is also very high. Furthermore, despite representing more than half of the population and contributing with a great part of the country's wealth, women earn less than men, working three times more (at work, at home and as caregivers). within their family), and they even have four times less access possibilities to credit or property. In this context, the project aims to respond to all these needs and difficulties. The main focus is therefore indigenous, Afro-descendant and rural women, girls, boys and adolescents from the Northern Caribbean Coast Region (RACCN) and the Matagalpa Department.

The #UnaVezMásNO project

The action is made up of three components:

  • Expand the access to psychosocial support, health, legal care and damage repair services for survivors or people at risk of suffering gender violence. For this reason, there are care shelters and safe spaces that guarantee services that generate quality responses.
  • Economic development is also contemplated, fundamentally through training processes that strengthen women as subjects of rights, as well as technical training, for the implementation of economic initiatives. The aim is to promote their empowerment and autonomy, in order to reduce the social and economic inequalities that affect them, and that contribute to perpetuating the different forms of violence women have to face.
  • A nivel comunitario, se fortalecen las redes de protección comunitarias. Promoviendo capacitaciones, formaciones y acciones de sensibilización a nivel local y departamental sobre temática de salud sexual y reproductiva, diversidad sexual, higiene menstrual y prevención de violencia de género.  
  • At the community level, community protection networks are strengthened. Promoting trainings  and awareness-raising actions at the local and departmental level on sexual and reproductive health, sexual diversity, menstrual hygiene and prevention of gender violence.