Since the outbreak of the war, which puts 7.5 million children at risk, we have taken immediate action to address the emergency through our alliance with our partner ChildFund Deutschland.

The context

Several million people have begun their escape from cities to rural areas or westward. Millions of refugees have already arrived in neighboring countries such as Moldova, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Currently, the number of internally displaced persons cannot be realistically estimated

WeWorld, together with ChildFund Alliance, is supporting ChildFund Deutschland - which has been working in Ukraine since 2004 - with coordination, advocacy and communication in ensuring a response for refugees who have reached Moldova.

Our intervention

In Ukraine WeWorld has put in place a series of actions to deal with the emergency and support the Ukrainian people to overcome the trauma they are experiencing. In particular, in Lviv we guarantee psychological and psychosocial support to children in transit centers. For the most vulnerable families, WeWorld and local partners have also activated cash assistance actions so that they have immediate economic capacity to access basic necessities or leave the country if necessary. We also provide legal guidance to refugees and psychological support and emergency training to volunteers who work tirelessly in the field with almost no support

WeWorld is also responding to the Ukrainian crisis in Italy by making itself available to women fleeing together with their children who can find a safe place in WeWorld's 'Spazio Donna' in Milan and Bologna. Here, thanks to the service of linguistic and cultural mediation, Ukrainian women will be able to attend Italian courses, receive psychological support and attend job orientation courses to regain their social and economic autonomy. While the mothers will be busy, the little ones will be welcomed in the Child Care area designed to allow boys and girls to play in a protected dimension.