WeWorld, together with ChildFund Alliance, is supporting ChildFund Deutschland - which has been working in Ukraine since 2004 - with coordination, advocacy and communication efforts and ensuring a response for internally displaced persons and refugees who have reached Moldova.

Our intervention

We support the war-affected population of Ukraine through a response plan with an integrated approach, specifically:

  • we support girls, children and their families through the provision of food, medicine and basic goods. In addition, we take care of financial transfers to Ukrainian supermarkets to distribute free food and basic goods to vulnerable population;
  • we provide education and psychosocial support to girls and boys through online educational services and support programs;
  • we support refugees who have crossed into Moldova, assisting partner organizations in Moldova with their humanitarian response.
  • Continued advocacy and lobbying work through various policy channels both globally through ChildFund Alliance and nationally in EU member states (Italy, Germany).

The conflict has put millions of lives at constant risk, and the protection of civilians remains a top priority. Providing services, support and information to families to keep them informed about their safety is critical, as the destabilizing nature of the conflict can alienate families seeking help. These services range from providing counselling and legal advice, to offering referral information for other services. In addition, ChildFund assists with a psychosocial support program in the east and west of the country, with networks working specifically to establish safe spaces for girls and boys.


ChildFund assists efforts to shelter civilians from immediate danger by supporting Ukrainian partners in creating safe spaces from shelling in the hardest hit areas. Hundreds of families are being assisted with temporary shelters, with additional assistance provided to those seeking relocation to other parts of the country or abroad.

Food and Non-Food assistance

Distribution of food and basic necessities has become increasingly important due to the dangers of venturing outside during potential bombardments, shortages of goods due to transportation disruptions throughout the country, and the blockade of urban areas by Russian forces. ChildFund is supporting Ukrainian partners with food distribution, especially for girls and boys in need of safe shelter. Meal preparation and distribution are organized in well-equipped centers and safe spaces across the country, with adequate logistics in place to continue and scale up these services. Along with food, basic non-food items are distributed, including diapers, hygiene products, and medicines for children receiving health care. People and children from particularly vulnerable parts of society are given clothes and blankets to protect them from the cold.
Alongside planned distribution efforts, ChildFund supports the provision of multi-purpose cash assistance to families directly administered by Ukrainian partners. These cash transfers seek to cover the cost of families' additional needs not covered by the provision of goods and services.


Educational services continue to be provided, with more than 200 teachers offering online classes to more than 2,000 children. This is possible due to previous agreements made by school systems after schools were closed due to the global pandemic.