Millions of children together with their families had to leave their homes in the eastern regions of Ukraine, hit hard by the conflict, and live now as displaced people in the West of the country . Here, WeWorld intervened to ensure the supply of essential goods and psychosocial support services to vulnerable people displaced by the conflict.

The activities carried out within the project are essentially divided into two types. The first consists in the distribution of food and basic goods (Non Food Items) functional to guarantee a first assistance to the displaced people housed in 18 reception centers in the city and in the region of Lviv. The distribution of food and essential goods (mainly hygiene kits and materials for cleaning the spaces, but also furniture and appliances), as well as medicines, takes place through the local partner Association of Opticians on the basis of the needs identified. Among the centers that received assistance there is also an orphanage that houses 72 children.

The second type of activities concerns the provision of psychosocial support services to vulnerable displaced people, with particular attention to children, adolescents, women and people with special needs. 2 Child Friendly Spaces have been equipped in the two municipalities in the Lviv region, where art workshops and individual and collective listening and counseling sessions are held. Psychosocial development support services managed by trained psychologists are also held in the reception centers of Lviv, to help the vulnerable displaced persons managing and processing the trauma they are experiencing. The Law and Democracy local partner is responsible for the psychosocial support activity, as well as a referral implementation mechanism that allows the individual with special needs to access a medical service.


  • Distribution of Food and Essential Goods
  • Psychosocial support activities and creation of two spaces suitable for children for the most vulnerable displaced people