The municipality of Irpin is one of the areas most affected by the conflict in the Kyiv region. In this area, about 30% of the buildings are damaged, and 13% of the schools are either destroyed or severely damaged. WeWorld intervened precisely in Irpin to support about 2400 people including the resident population, returnees (people evacuated during the early stages of the conflict and recently returned to Irpin) and internally displaced people.

The communities identified with the help of the local partner Yellow-Blue Wings were consulted in a participatory way to identify the priorities and the most effective support modalities based on the needs and vulnerabilities of each family. Two main activities have been selected, Multi Purpose Cash Assistance and Winterization, with the aim of increasing the capacity of the most vulnerable people to meet their immediate basic needs, maximize the use of resources in the way that best suits their needs, strengthen their ability to cope with winter and prevent the adoption of negative adaptation strategies. The distribution of the foreseen goods will protect the population from any price increases, and will allow them to use the sums of money received through cash assistance for other needs. The distribution of winterization kits is another important aspect of the project, as winter temperatures below -20 ° C are expected but many homes and private buildings are currently lacking electricity and the insulation necessary to cope with such temperatures.

Furthermore, a SMS system has been put in place for any complaints and feedback, allowing beneficiaries to express their opinion and evaluation of the project in terms of the selection process, distribution methods, as well as on the satisfaction of basic needs and on the main indicators of food safety.


  • Multi-purpose Cash Assistance: financial support to cover the costs of essential goods (food, non-food items, hygiene products and medical expenses, as well as transportation and fuel).
  • Distribution of one-off family winterization kits: 2 blankets and a stove provided to the most vulnerable families to mitigate the hardships of the harsh Ukrainian winter.