The project aims at give access to essential services through an integrated multi-sectorial intervention to the most vulnerable population in remote areas in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblasts, enabling gender-responsive and inclusive access to safe learning environments, for displaced, non-displaced and returnee children and teachers. 

Since the outbreak of the conflict, WeWorld has immediately intervened to help the affected population cope with the emergency by activating partners on the ground from the first hours and initiating a stable emergency response presence. This presence resulted in the activation of various projects in different areas of Ukraine.  

This project will have an impact on 171.701 people in the sectors of WASH, Health, Protection, Child Protection, Education and is based on 3 pillars activities. 


  • Direct and comprehensive focus on children, adolescents and women affected by violent and traumatic events, through improving their access to health, protection, child protection services, including cash support to cover their most urgent needs related to these sectors  
  • Strengthening protective community environments through empowerment of local actors, community leaders and sensibilization of communities, with a resilience-based approach, and building capacities of local actors by enhancing knowledge on psychological, psychosocial, and emotional support in crisis settings  
  • Rehabilitation of structures, spaces and centers, including under Education sector (bomb shelters to allow re-opening of schools) and under WASH sector (water systems, distribution of Hygiene kits, Risk Communication and Community Engagement and hygiene promotion, rehabilitation of wash infrastructure).