The context

In the last year, we worked in 14 countries by acting on the causes of food insecurity due to structural poverty, conflicts or climatic phenomena through an integrated approach: select the poorest families to identify and prevent acute and chronic malnutrition, increase the availability of food and improve the diet, and fight poverty with agricultural inputs. 

We are able to guarantee food to about 70,000 people through direct distribution, monetary transfers and food coupons, the latter that can be spent at affiliated merchants, thus supporting the local economy.  

  • 781 thousand people reached
  • 22 thousand food coupons delivered
  • 517 thousand Kg of food distributed

We promote technical training and the supply of seeds and equipment to increase food production and enhance family diets. We have raised awareness in communities against malnutrition, focusing our attention on actors of change: women, community leaders, health staff and teachers.