The context

Migration can be an opportunity for development if migrants are assisted towards a socio-economic inclusion and are informed about their rights and obligations. We operate in many regions where migratory phenomena originate: from the Sahel to South-East Asia, from North Africa and the Middle East to Central America.

There are always complex reasons that lead people to migrate: on one hand, the need to overcome a difficult economic, social, personal or family situation; on the other one, the hope of a new start. Increasingly more, people do not choose to migrate, they are rather forced to do so due to war, famine, disasters triggered by climate change, dictatorships, tribal or local conflicts.  

Since 2016, we have been operating also in Italy, at the Italian-French border in Ventimiglia, where men, women and children are blocked and cannot continue their journey towards northern Europe. Since then, we have set up an assistance service for migrants and asylum-seekers in transit so that human rights can be guaranteed to all. We provide legal and social assistance services and even distribute primary goods, when necessary.