The context

The safeguarding of human rights drives all our interventions and the specific initiatives put into practice have reached 3.14 million people in the last year.

The protection of children's rights has taken place in continuity with the education programmes, with a particular attention to the inclusion of boys and girls with disabilities. The activities to protect the rights of refugees and migrants were set up in the countries of origin, transit and destination of the migratory flows.

We also applied the community protection methodology called CPA - Community Protection Approach - for the analysis of vulnerability and community response. 

  • 481 training courses carried out
  • 476 activities performed in the name of women
  • 3.14 million people reached

Through our advocacy and awareness campaigns, 866 initiatives were organised, involving local actors and policy makers. We involved 11,600 operators and activists in over 480 teams, launched 22 awareness-raising campaigns reaching 2,526,300 people and consolidated the skills of 366 local associations, groups and networks