We work to guaranteechildren's right to health



Sylvie is 8 years old and lives in Kenya. When she was 6 years old she felt ill with pneumonia and like thousand children in Kenya risked to die.

However, Sylvia was lucky, at school the disease was detected early and we were able to provide in time the only effective   treatment: amoxicilline, a drug easily available in Italy but lacking in Kenya resulting in the death of thousands every year.

Sylvia recovered quickly, she is now an active girl and last time I met her she draw for me a wonderful basket of avocados.




Every year more than 6 million children die before they reach the age of 5 because of preventable and curable diseases such as respiratory tract infections and diarrhoea. Moreover children, mainly in southern counties of the world, risk dying during childbirth or just after childbirth because of poor hygienic conditions and lack of proper obstetric health services. We work to guarantee right to health care to everybody.

We work to guarantee everybody’s right to health care.


Maternal and child health

Mothers health is fundamental to guarantee their children’s health. For this reason we try to provide prenatal and postnatal care to women and children by building, renovating and improving maternity wards and health centres or strengthening existing programs, training   healthcare professionals workers.



Million children still starve or die because of diseases caused by malnutrition. This is the reason we work to realize canteens and vegetable gardens at school to guarantee the youngest of children good quality food. We are also involved in the development of new agricultural techniques with the introduction of food with high nutritional value through education to adequate nutrition in schools and in families.


Disease prevention

It is possible to prevent and cure several diseases. To combat measles, pneumonia, diarrhoea and other diseases that are in some world’s area deadly for children the most important weapon is prevention. WeWorld promotes vaccination campaigns, supports construction of wells and toilet facilities. If needed we supply medicinal products and basic healthcare tools to hospitals , participate in health education at school and monitor children’s health, organize training and refresher courses for medical staff and healthcare workers.
We do not drop our guard against AIDS that in Africa keeps orphaning children.


Children health : a priority also in Italy

Also in our country malnutrition affects children. From one side children’s obesity is increasing , because of a wrong nutrition , rich of inadequate nutritional elements (fats and sugar)   and poor of vitamins and minerals. On the other side, because of growing level of poverty ( more than a million children in Italy is below poverty level – ISTAT 2016) we increasingly meet in districts where we operate children who enjoy only one full meal per day or cannot pay for school lunch.

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