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Conscious citizens, citizens of the world.


The education in which we believe is an exercise in participation and active citizenship based on information. Our commitment begins with the involvement of citizens, youth and adults, Italian and from other countries, parents, institutions and associations, so they may play a leading role in building a fairer and more sustainable world. Only from the awareness of being citizens of the world can we create an inclusive and supportive process, which does not exclude anyone and upholds the principles of environmental and social justice.

Our educational and awareness-raising activities on global issues, especially targeting schools and youth, are inspired by the principles promoted in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals depends on the awareness of citizens, called upon to actively participate and positively influence policies, which perpetuate injustices, damage the planet and preclude dignified life.

Our GCE activities are carried out by qualified operators and foresee the active involvement of participants. The core projects concern school debates to promote young people’s awareness on global issues (EXPONI LE TUE IDEE!); the promotion of young people’s active citizenship at local and European level (My Revolution); the promotion of volunteering and youth mobility. We offer insights into climate change and migration (#ClimateOfChange, #GoEAThical and In Marcia con il Clima), into processes and means of inclusion into society and school systems (MigratED). We encourage understandings of the narratives of such issues in public debates and media (CIAK MigrAction!), discussions on fair, sustainable production and responsible consumption, alongside a network of public and private institutions active in Italy and all over Europe.

We carry out trainings for teachers and educators, customized workshop activities for schools and local communities on human rights, gender equality and equal opportunities, sustainable development, migration, and climate change, by using innovative and multimedia tools (SDGs on film), as action comes through knowledge.

Since 2007, we have been running the Terra di Tutti Film Festival in Bologna, a social film festival that turns the spotlight on “Voices from the Invisible World”: countries, peoples, and social struggles that remain “invisible” to mass media. The festival offers insights into human rights, gender rights, defense of freedom, environmental and social issues.

ClimateOf Change

A project to engaging youth to understand the complex relationships between climate change and migration to create a movement of informed people, ready to change lifestyle and demand new development policies. 

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Let our voice to be heard


We are concretely intervening for the change of situations where children/adolescents and women are seriously excluded from society and undergo violence, and also cannot have any access to education, nor to health services, and are denied equal opportunities.



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Only the co-operation among organizations, which are sharing a world’s vision, where each child – both boy and girl – each adolescent and each woman can develop their own potentialities, can produce durable changes.

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make your voicebe heard worldwide


We are concretely and daily supporting little girls, little boys and women. But, this is not sufficient. It is necessary to face the deep reasons originating exclusion and make the institutions hear our voice, in order to defeat exclusion, violence, and favor instead the access to education, health services and to a life with plenty of opportunities. Thanks to our experience, we have understood that when a floodlight is lit over problems concerning women and children, possibilities to solve those problems are multiplying.

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