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Samjhana is 30 years old and lives in Katmandu, Nepal. Her story is similar to the story of many other poor girls arriving in the capital city from small country towns looking for a decent job to contribute to the family’s budget. Like many other girls she was deceived: the restaurant in which she got a job as waitress was actually a brothel and she was forced into prostitution.

We have been able to meet her on the street and convince her to follow us into a shelter purposely established to offer a new opportunity to victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. In this structure she was heard , cared and protected.

Now, ten years after such terrible experience, Samjhana is married and works in a real restaurant.



“When the teacher of my child has called for an interview, I worried that she had taken some bad grade instead she wanted to tell me that my little child often cried in class.

My heart was tight in the throat because I knew the reason of those tears: the father’s violence on me in front of her and her brothers. I have not withheld and, in tears, I told my tragedy to the teacher.

The teacher did not waste time, put me in touch with a social worker, the person, as I imagined, who would have just taken away my children without understanding my discomfort. Not so! The social worker helped me to enter into a protective anti-violence program and now I am no longer afraid neither for me, nor for my children.”




Violence against women is a violation of human rights that can take various forms starting from physical or sexual violence through threats and psychological mistreatment up to , in some peculiar cultural background, forced marriage or genital mutilation.

Violence against women is still now a largely unknown phenomenon. According to OMS researches, one third of women experience in her life some kind of violence.

WeWorld works since a long time to protect women from violence and abuse in Italy and in other world’s southern countries. Our projects are aimed to prevent and strengthen women independence in social environments where is more difficult for women to become aware of their rights. Our projects are also aimed at the protection and recovery of victims of violence giving them medical, social, psychological and economic care.

We cooperate with public and private local networks in order to guarantee the best service.

However, to defeat violence against women dramatic changes are required at institutional, social and cultural levels. For these reasons we study in full the phenomenon and promote action of advocacy and awareness.

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WeWorld upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

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