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Antonia is 31 year old and lives in a slum of Napoli.

She dreamed to be a nurse but when she was 14 years old has been forced to become a housemaid . At 15 she met Giuseppe and shortly Carmen was born .

A few years later, mother of three children, she spends her life at home, at the supermarket and at her parent’s home. Giuseppe became more and more jealous and possessive and when at work calls her continuously . Antonia gradually stopped caring for her appearance letting herself go.

The educator of our Napoli’s centre started involving Antonia in activities with the children and went to dinner with them to meet Giuseppe. Two years later Antonia and Giuseppe are reborn. Recently helped by her husband Antonia received a driver’s licence and now she can go alone shopping with Carmen.



Gomathi Palanikumar. WeWorld partner, Madurai, India :Gomathi

In my family where we are all female, my parents and relatives have always strongly wished a son.

I have a cousin 13 years old and he is considered as family’s pride. He has enjoyed a quality education and   opportunities for extracurricular activities. When we go outside he is sent with us to protect us. Mobility is always very limited for girls versus boys inside the families. Girls must stay home and perform homework while boys have freedom of moving and exploring outside world. Also choices and opportunities are greater for boys versus girls inside families. Girls have less chance of education.

Gomathi Palanikumar



Promotion of gender equality brings benefits to women and communities. Improved equality between men and women is an absolute must for human development and has a positive impact on economic growth of a community. Significant progress has been achieved in this area however in many countries equality is only on paper.

Indeed, in several countries women are employed only in low-income activities or restricted to work at home. Moreover in Italy and in other southern countries of the world women are often victim of abuse and violence at home and at workplaces. The worst is that some kinds of violence are considered acceptable.

WeWorld supports women either through awareness-raising campaigns for populations and institutions either through concrete actions aimed at fighting all kind of violence.


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