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Marion lives in the Kibera slum in Kenya ( a very poor area without any  sanitation)  and is HIV positive. Without adequate care she is at risk of AIDS.

She has four children and her husband left her after the last birth.

She was unable to care for her illness or to  attend to her children who were malnourished and lived on the streets. With our help she succeeded in getting a microcredit to finance a small snack’s shop in the slum.

During the training period she also attended some courses to understand how to deal with her illness i to delay the progression of the disease

Now she feels better and is well aware of the importance of school education for all her children




Giovanna suffered all forms of violence by her former husband in front of their child, because he thought his daughter was little, she  did not understand, but it was not true.

Children who witness violence understand, suffer, they bring in the pain forever. To give an example to her little, to let her know that a man who beats is not a man who loves, Giovanna says stop!

She says so appearing in one of our Spazio Donna  WeWorld with his fears, his anxiety of not being understood.
Instead in the center she was understood  and helped! She is no longer alone.

She begins a journey with his child far from   who mistreats them and  now she is aware that what has suffered is not the normality  and that she can get back to living.




WeWorld in the world

Poverty, discrimination and violence confine women in the domestic sphere. Often girls are denied the education access  and deprived of their childhood, becoming wives and mothers too early. They don’t have same opportunities as men and too often their destiny was already written since birth.

Guaranteeing to girls the possibility of attending school start a path  promoting right’s equality and social end economical women inclusion. Well trained and educated women are able to safeguard their rights, are healthy and give a better contribution to the growth of their country and children, if they decide to have children.

Our action in Kenya, Tanzania, Benin, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Brazil includes educational programs for women and girls, in coordination with local Ministry of education , and projects of maternal and child health in coordination with local health service. To face worst situations we prevent and combat violence against women through reception and educational activities


WeWorld in Italy

Also in our country persist situation of economic, social and political exclusion where women doesn’t have same opportunities as men. Moreover also in Italy like worldwide , domestic violence is not at all eradicated from our society and produces severe suffering.

In Italy we promote women equal opportunities and services to prevent and combat violence against women fostering their economic, social and educational inclusion. We help women having suffered some kind of violence in cooperation with health services, hospital and association network. Being the violence a social problem we promote surveys to raise awareness of public opinion and institution’s political activity.

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WeWorld upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

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