We work to ensurethe right to education


Andrea, an Italian boy eight years old, suffers from an evident uncontrolled nervous tic : he wipes continuously his lips with his arm. Every time his father sees this gesture he beats him.

During the first two years of elementary school he often, too often came to school bearing signs on his face and body.

Andrea is unable to interact with school mates or   adults. He doesn’t talk and can be violent in his actions and language. He flunked his second elementary school year because of bad behaviour. We have been asked to help him with his homework but the work started with him in Frequenza200 centre and at school quickly became similar to that performed with many children to whom adult deny childhood

We try to propose positive models involving also parents to be more present with proper care and attention. Often school problems may arise from domestic problems, therefore we operate either at school either with families through well trained operators.






Sujita Gauli is 15 years old, attends the 8th class, lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have gathered her story. My mother has hardly fought to get the job through which we live. After my father’s abandonment we had hard time. My mother has attended school up to the 8th class. In Nepalese society women are not encouraged to study because it is thought that they will be dependent on others   and will not be involved in family livelihood. Sons will take care of family therefore their education takes priority over daughters education. 

However my mother has been able to study and learned to read and write and this knowledge has helped her to get a decent work through which maintains and grows us. I want to keep studying and be involved also in activities outside school. I want to be like my mother strong and independent.



To guarantee everyone education rights is the first step in promoting the development of the young and the active social and political participation aimed at insuring that boys and girls become citizen aware of their rights and duties. Individuals and communities will benefit from a universal education

Our projects are aimed at granting a full and free primary education to the maximum possible number of children in Italy and in other regions of the world, also supporting pre-school programs that allow younger children to successfully deal with primary school.


Greater investments in educational tools and school buildings.

A quality education starts from the availability of safe and adequate locations to study. However often children go to school in inadequate, crumbling and unsafe buildings , sometime even without toilet facilities.

In some countries girls do not go to unsafe schools. For these reasons we build and renovate schools, promote campaigns for school enrolment, illuminate classrooms, distribute teaching and recreational material, uniforms and hygienic materials and contribute to school expenses.


Against the school drop out

In addition to improvement of structure and education, we are actively involved to prevent and decrease school drop out, a serious problem also in Italy. Children dropping out of school before completion of their curricula are at risk of being, grown-up, economically and socially excluded. Our programs foresee implementation of after-school programs, involvement of children at risk, in recreational and educational alternative activities, implementation of recovery path involving also families, parents to strengthen their role inside the family, and involving communities and institutions in programs to prevent the drop out.
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Improvement of education quality

Guarantee education availability is not enough : it is necessary to promote a quality education in Italy as well as in India, Brazil or Benin. We implement training and refresher courses for teachers,   implement or equip libraries and educational workshop inside schools in remote areas of Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia and Tanzania, encourage parents, teachers and students involvement in effective and transparent school management, disseminate class management practices ruling out punishments and in Italy and in Kenya we implement   education programs to global citizenship so that children achieve self-confidence and become ready to be world’s citizens.

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To promote and further women inclusion rights we uphold The UN convention…

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