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Soriya is ten years old and lives in the region of Mondolkiri, one of the poorest areas of Cambodia. A region where the child mortality rate of children aged less than 5 years is ten times higher than the Italian rate and the dialect is so different from the common language of the other areas of the country that even teachers refuse to go there.

The nearest school is 2 walking hours from her village

Soriya parents earn their living from agriculture however often the harvest is so poor that   just allows them to survive

For these reasons Soriya was forced to help her mother and therefore was unable to attend school and consequently at 9 years old, she didn’t know how to read and write

Now we have built in her village a school, trained a teacher and supplied to her mother newly developed seeds to improve the harvest’s quantity and quality

Now Soriya is happy attending school and has learned to write!


WeWorld in the world

We seek inspiration from the1989 UN Convention on the children’s rights,   to promote and safeguard boys and girls inclusion rights through actions against malnutrition, disease, illiteracy and abuse.

Such actions are urgent in many countries where young boys and girls are deprived of their childhood and fundamental rights.

They are excluded from education rights, from proper nutrition and adequate health assistance, often victim of sexual exploitation and illegal labor. The types of violence and exclusions affecting young boys and girls are many, too many.


WeWorld in Italy

In Italy 1 million boys and girls lives in poverty. Violence, education poverty, exclusion from opportunities of a nice life concerns also Italian children. WeWorld take care of them through programs guaranteeing a quality education for everybody and active involvement of boys, girls and teenagers to play an active role in the future.

We commit ourselves to get boys, girls and teenagers health, education, participation, protection, rights equality, really recognized and not consist of idle talks.

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To promote and further women inclusion rights we uphold The UN convention…

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