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In a more and more complex world, only the co-operation among organizations sharing a world’s vision where each child –whether a boy or a girl – each youngster and each woman can develop their own potentialities, can produce durable changes, as regards practices and politics preventing and contrasting exclusion in all forms. WeWorld and its partners are not satisfied with asserting the rights of children – of both sexes – and of women, but they are promoting change processes, in so fully carrying out the U.N. Convention on Children’s and Youths’ Rights (CRC) and the Convention for the elimination of any form discriminating women. Therefore, we are collaborating with the CRC Group, which is controlling the enforcement of CRC in Italy, with the Concord Italia, the Italian National platform of organizations for development, solidarity and International co-operation, the Alleanza Italiana for the sustainable development, the Global Campaign for Education, which is promoting and protecting the right to education, the Pidida that is coordinating children’s and youths’ rights, the CoLomba, the association of International co-operation organizations in Lombardy, the Italian Observatory on Global Action against AIDS, the Campaignno gambling on hunger’. In addition, WeWorld is participating in the Editorial Committee of VITA and the Council of European and International Affairs of the Third Sector Forum.

Moreover, in 2013, WeWorld promoted Frequenza200, the greatest network of individuals undertaking prevention and contrast to school abandonment, and fighting against educational poverty in Italy. Over 20 operative organizations in 7 regions are working in this network.

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We are concretely and daily supporting little girls, little boys and women. But, this is not sufficient. It is necessary to face the deep reasons originating exclusion and make the institutions hear our voice, in order to defeat exclusion, violence, and favor instead the access to education, health services and to a life with plenty of opportunities. Thanks to our experience, we have understood that when a floodlight is lit over problems concerning women and children, possibilities to solve those problems are multiplying.

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We are concretely intervening for the change of situations where children/adolescents and women are seriously excluded from society and undergo violence, and also cannot have any access to education, nor to health services, and are denied equal opportunities.



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Global CitizenshipEducation

Conscious citizens, citizens of the world.

The education in which we believe is an exercise in participation and active citizenship based on information.

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