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Every day, we concretely support little girls, little boys and women in those countries where we are present. But this is not enough. In order to defeat exclusion and violence, It is necessary to face the deep reasons originating exclusion and violence, and favor instead the access to education, to health services and to a life with plenty of opportunities. Thanks to our experience, we have understood that when a floodlight is lit over problems concerning women and children, possibilities to solve those problems are multiplying. Therefore, together with our partners, we are working so that resignation does not prevail, but our aim is to increase participation and dialogue toward a real change. Our work is not limited to throw a light on the existing problems: we are trying to propose new practices and politics, both private ones and institutional ones, in order that little girls, little boys, adolescents have access to school, and women can develop all their potentialities in society and at work.

We are conducting innovative researches, in order that violence situations hitting women and children are made known. One cannot change what he/she does not know. We are constructing alliances with local and International organizations, because on our own we cannot go too far, but together we can go very far.

In Cambodia, we have collaborated in carrying out an inquest over the women’s life conditions in jail with their children, in order to denounce how the implementation of a penalty never should deny the fundamental rights, especially the children’s. In Kenya, we have contributed to the dialogue between school institutions and childhood school-teachers, because, if you only recognize the teacher’s profession value you can let the quality education grow for all, especially in the most remote rural areas.


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We are concretely intervening for the change of situations where children/adolescents and women are seriously excluded from society and undergo violence, and also cannot have any access to education, nor to health services, and are denied equal opportunities.



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Only the co-operation among organizations, which are sharing a world’s vision, where each child – both boy and girl – each adolescent and each woman can develop their own potentialities, can produce durable changes.

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The education in which we believe is an exercise in participation and active citizenship based on information.

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