With children. With women.For their rights.

With children. With women. For their rights.

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We promote and safeguard the rights to inclusion of women, children and teenagers in Italy and throughout the world, on the basic assumption that the safeguard of women’s rights is a mandatory condition to achieve respect of children’s rights and, vice versa, the protection of children’s rights is most important for the achievement of women’s rights.

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19 years old


Malathi is a 19 year-old young woman who lives in the Tirunelveli District, in the State of Tamil Nadu. Given her family’s precarious situation, after her father’s death she had to drop out of school in order to help her mother with the daily work.

Our work throughout the world.With children. With women. For their rights.



Soriya is ten years old and lives in the region of Mondolkiri, one of the poorest areas of Cambodia. A region where the child mortality rate is ten times higher than the Italian rate and where the dialect is so different from the common language of the other areas of the Country that even teachers refuse to move there.

The nearest school is 2 walking hours from Soriya’s village.



Marion lives in the Kibera slum in Kenya and is HIV positive. She has four children and her husband left her after the last birth. Marion’s life and those of her children were at risk. She was unable to take care of her illness or to attend to her children, who were malnourished and lived on the streets. With our help she succeeded in getting a microcredit to finance a small snack’s shop in the slum.

What we have donein 2014

We have helped 500.000 children and 300.000 adults throughout the world,

totalizing 800.000 people who have been reached and supported.

For every 10 Euros we receive, about 8 are employed to directly finance our programmes.