After the local meetings to launch the debate contest, online and face-to-face preparatory meetings for teachers were held in each country involved in the YouLead project to present European teacher education. The national online meetings were useful for training interested teachers on the debate process and methodologies, also providing materials and content for the realization of the debates. During the national trainings, all the participants were also presented with the possibility to participate in the European training where all the participants from 5 countries included in the project would exchange teaching experiences on the methodology of debate and coaching experiences.

Specifically, the following meetings were held:


Südwind organized 3 online meetings where they gave to teachers more details about the debate contest and did a training on climate justice and on the methodology of the debate.

The meetings were held on the days: 30th November 2022, 31st January 2023, 23rd February 2023.

In total 11 teachers participated in the trainings (8 females and 3 males).


Teachers and educators who are participating and carrying out debates in schools have been invited to the national training on 5 March 2023. The training was organized by ActionAid Hellas (AAH) and was implemented online via the zoom platform. The teachers came from secondary schools mainly in Athens, Peloponnese and Crete, the areas where the local debate competitions will take place. The training lasted 2.5 hours.

In total 60 teachers participated in the training (54 Females and 6 Males).


On April 3, HUNBAPTISTAID organized an hour-long online training via the Zoom platform. The training was aimed at all teachers participating in the debate competition in Hungary.

A total of 52 teachers participated in the training (39 females and 13 males).


WeWorld in collaboration with some national debate experts has organized 2 online meetings, lasting two hours each, aimed at debate teachers and coaches.

The first meeting took place on March 16 while the second national training session was held on March 23.

A total of 26 teachers participated in the training (22 females and 4 males).


In preparation for the European Teacher Training on Debate Methodology, SLOGA organized a national training for interested secondary school teachers to present them once again with the opportunity of a national debate competition which will be organized mainly in secondary schools on the topic of change climate.

A physical event was organized on April 15, 2023 in Celje (Slovenia), where partner SLOGA (ZiP) already organized a national debate contest on different topics; it was more convenient to organize a physical event as part of another event where the teachers were already present.

A total of 18 teachers participated in the training (10 females and 6 males).


The European training session consisted of 3 different sessions.

WeWorld has activated collaborations with international experts of the debates for the realization of the European meeting. The EU training had the objective to enable teachers to share experiences on youth engagement and climate change and share experiences about the national debate contest. The EU Trainings were also an occasion to start a knowledge sharing community for teachers from the 5 countries involved in the project.

In particular, the first meeting on 21 April (from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm) focused on the first objective identified for the training series: sharing participants' experiences with respect to youth engagement, climate change, and the relationship between the two issues.

The second meeting took place on 26 April and focused on sharing experiences related to the debate contest with representatives of other countries.

The last of the three European teacher training meetings took place on 5 May and focused on the third objective identified for the training cycle: to create a community of teachers for sharing knowledge and capitalize on practices and methods used in all 5 countries involved.

A total of 109 people (83 females, 24 males, 2 non-binary) from the 5 countries involved in the YouLead project took part in the European training.

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