Following the creation of the Survey and the related report , on March 17th a presentation was organized by SWG S.p.A in which project partners' staff participated with the aim of presenting the results obtained, to allow them to subsequently carry out the national events. A total of 11 people participated. Afterwards each partner organized one or more presentations of the survey results in their own country.

A total 11 presentations of the survey were organised, attended by a total of 409 people.

The main recipients were teachers and young students, who took part in the debate activities, as the results of the survey represent a starting point for the topics of the debates and an opportunity for the participants in the presentation to know the opinions of young people on perception of democratic participation, on the values of the EU project and their views on climate change and on the political action of public authorities in the 5 EU countries targeted by the project.

In particular:

  1. In Austria, Sudwind organized the presentations on three different dates, one planned and carried out for professionals and multipliers and the others for young people. This was to ensure that the professionals were fed with the results of the survey in order to maximise the reach and to add to the theoretical basis of their daily work with young people.

The meeting in Vienna was for the Input givers of our contest – to make sure they connect the important outcomes with their workshops.

In total, 62 people attended the presentation events (43 female and 19 male).

  • In Greece, AAH on 22nd March 2023, dedicated a special session to disseminate the results of the YOULEAD European survey report, so that educators are aware of the project, the survey and its results. The event had the theme of digital tools in education for the promotion of active citizenship. Educators were invited through newsletter and also a Facebook event was created.

62 educators from various cities of Greece attended the session of the presentation of the European survey. The session was followed by questions and reflection on the results, which were assessed to be very interesting and up to date. Educators were asked to share the results with their students and reflect their own opinions on the themes under research.

  • In Hungary, HBAID get the English survey materials translated to be ready for presentation and organized and held an online presentation for 22.03.2023.

There were present of 63 people in total (41 female and 22 male) over the presentation.

The objectives of the presentation were to introduce the survey content with Hungarian people and to provide additional resource materials for debaters.

  • In Italy, WeWorld organized 3 online meetings to disseminate the results obtained.

The online events were organized in 3 Italian high schools. The results and data presented in schools are aimed at increasing the knowledge of young people. The methodology of the debate, associated with the topics proposed in the survey (EU values and rights, democratic participation and climate change and the political action of public authorities) will support students in increasing their knowledge of the EU decision-making process and their skills in defending their claims.

The 3 online presentation events took place on:

  • 20 march 2023 –Istituto Enrico Mattei (Bologna)
  • 21 march 2023- Liceo Firpo-Buonarroti (Genova)
  • 24 march 2023- Liceo Buonarroti (Pisa)

The young people were very interested in the contents and during the presentation we launched surveys to understand if their opinion was in line with what emerged from the EU survey, so as to make the event more dynamic.

In total, therefore, 3 online events were held with 138 participants, of which 131 students and 7 teachers (48 males and 90 females).

The survey report was translated in Italian by WeWorld and subsequently shared with all participants and published on the WeWorld website.

  • In Slovenia, SLOGA organized 3 different presentation event, from south west till north east of Slovenia, covering the majority of the interests.

In total SLOGA has reached at least 84 participants (of which one participant residing in Italy).

As a result of third promotional physical event, SLOGA received the invitation to participate at the meeting organized by Ministry for foreign affairs (MZZ) special attaché for climate change. The meeting took place on 5th April 2023 in the premises of MZZ to which different governmental representatives (including Ministry of environment, Ministry of Education, Governmental office for statistics, National president of the republic office, as well as other relevant representatives from CSOs – altogether there was app 20 participants) were invited due to exchange relevant work on climate change adaptation and mitigation issues relevant for national level. At that meeting, SLOGA presented Survey Report about youth perception of climate change issues.

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