We strongly denounce the attack by the Israeli forces on a camp housing displaced persons in Rafah on May 26th, killing 40 Palestinians of which many women and children. This brutal operation has been followed by further escalations that took place yesterday, adding up 45 additional fatalities.

There are no words to describe the situation in Gaza, and even so it worsens day after day. We acknowledge and sustain the recognition of Palestine by Ireland, Norway and Spain, as well as the initiatives of the ICC and the ICJ: the arrest warrants and the demand of immediate suspension of military operations in Rafah. Even though the international efforts are multiplying, they are still not sufficient to reach a ceasefire and provide life-saving support to the civilian population and this is evident in the scaling up of Israeli operations in Rafah as well as the fact that very little humanitarian aid is entering and reaching the population in need.

It is each country's responsibility to uphold international law. Taking position against the war on Gaza and doing everything possible to support the supply of humanitarian aid are both fundamental steps that need to be taken for the respect of human rights and international law.

Photo credits: ©Omar Ashtawy/APAimages – Rafah, May 27th