The SPEAK-UP Jean Monnet Module, started in January 2021, is a multi-interdisciplinary training course concerning EU studies on gender discrimination and violence.

It is offered to both higher education students coming from Italy, Turkey, and Germany who do not automatically come into contact with EU studies, and operators working for international organizations representatives of the civil society.

The main goals of the SPEAK-UP Jean Monnet Module are:

  • Promote European values of equal opportunity and dignity between women and men as fundamental rights crosscutting cultural and countries differences.
  • Encourage an active European citizenship in a globalised world, empowering women’s voice and standing in the civil society, and to sustain the future of democracy.
  • Facilitate the people-to-people dialogue along three EU and extra-EU directions: Italy, Germany, Turkish (1st year), Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, 2nd year), and South America (Argentina, and Peru 3rd year).

It proposes a cycle of three blended short annual courses (54 hours, per year – in total 162 hours) and three extra events of 3 hours each jointly organized with our partners. The three extra events are one Expert Debate, one Roundtable and one Living Lab that will take place in April, May and June.

Each course will provide students with teaching hours, practical sessions, and other public events, using innovative methodologies of engagement and active learning.

Students attending the Module will be provided with both ETCS (from a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 6 for students of the Degree courses of the Sapienza Dpt. of Statistics – for other students the ECTS value must be confirmed by the president/coordinator of the corresponding Degree course) and a Certificate of attendance. Non-academic attendants will receive the Certificate of attendance.

Among the many engaging project activities, an opening event shall happen on the 6th of March 2023.

Registration will end on 15 February.

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