Board of directors:

Marco Chiesara
Is a lawyer in Milan. In particular, he is working in the labor law field and he is a consultant in the tertiary sector. After his degree in jurisprudence, he has been working in the non-profit sector for some years, at first as a director of the foundation Arché, an organization which takes care of mothers and their children suffering from psychic and social troubles. In particular, during that period, he was involved in helping HIV positive children and their families, and later on he was the responsible person in charge for the Coopi ‘s activities in Italy. Coopi is an International cooperation NGO.
In 2006, he was a charter member of the Parada Association that is supporting projects in favor of children and youths living in the streets in Bucharest.
Since 2007, he is the President of WeWorld ONLUS and since December 2018 he is the President of WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.


General Manager:

Taddia-Dina WeWorld Onlus

Dina Taddia
Dina Taddia started out her professional career working as export sales responsible for a company in the engineering industry. In 1997, she decides to commit herself to the international cooperation development field with GVC, one of the most relevant Italian NGOs.
Her first experience with the Organisation takes her to Palestine, where she initially works as Project Manager, coordinating emergency interventions in the Gaza Strip, and later becomes Regional Representative for the Middle East based in Jerusalem.
In 2002 she returns to Bologna, the Italian Headquarters of GVC, Responsible for operations in Africa, Asia and the Middle Ease, and subsequently International Programmes Director. In June 2014 she is elected President of GVC by the assembly of associates, role she accepted thanks to her long experience on the field and in programme management for GVC. In December 2018 she becomes CEO and General Manager of the WeWorld-GVC Foundation.



Rossella Beria
Great professional woman in communications and fund-raising. She started her career by working for an International publicity agency of prestige. Then, she approached the social field as a director of communications and fund-raising at FAI – Italian Environment Fund. She has been working in that role, passionately, for over 10 years.
Since 2016, she was a counsellor at WeWorld ONLUS and as from December 2018 she is a member of the Board of Directors at WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.



Elio Borgonovi
Elio Borgonovi is full Professor of Economics and Management of Public Administration, Bocconi University and he has been a professor at the Universities of Parma and Trento. He has been among the first researchers who have developed in Italy since the seventies, researches and training activities on public administration management, health and social care management, non profit organizations. He has been and is component of numerous scientific committees, commissions and working groups on various problems of public interest and corporate social responsibility . He is component of Promotion committee and of the scientific committee of the “Salone della CSR e innovazione sociale”(Hall of CSR and social innovation), which is in Italy one of the most meaningful events in the sector. He is Delegated of the Rector of the Bocconi University for the enforcement of law 17/1999 and 170/2010 relevant to inclusion of students with disabilities and DSA and coordinates the CALD (Coordination of the Lombardy Athenaeums for Disability and DSA).
Since 2009, he was a  counsellor at WeWorld ONLUS and since December 2018 he is a member of the Board of Directors at WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.



Annamaria Fellegara
Full professor of Business Economics at Parma University, she has always devoted much of her time to the world of volunteer work. In the last 5 years, she has founded a civic association serving her city and participated directly in the local administration as Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Economic Development.
Since 2007, she was the vice-president of WeWorld ONLUS. Since December 2018 she is a member of the Board of Directors at WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.




Cecilia Roselli
Cecilia Roselli works as Head of Humanitarian Policy and Partnership Unit for the Norwegian Refugee Council in Geneva, leading NRC engagement with UN agencies and more broadly on Humanitarian Financing. Before joining NRC she has launched with ICVA, a global network of NGOs, the NGO initiative Less Paper More Aid to improve efficiency in the humanitarian system building on her extensive experience in managing and coordinating humanitarian and development programs. She joined GVC more than 15 years ago and soon moved to Burundi to act as Country Director. Since 2013 she is a Board Member of the organization. During her career she has worked for several INGOs in the field and in Brussels and with UNICEF. She has a legal background and exposure to various coordination mechanisms, including cluster structures and local networks. For several years she worked as an expert delivering trainings on EU funding procedures and monitoring the implementation of EU grants on behalf of the European Commission. Since December 2018 she is a member of the Board of Directors at WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.


Ivan Soncini

After schooling, in the ’70s, as a accounting officer in a public company to union leader. In the ’80s he was HR and ITC director for a big construction cooperative. From the mid-90s to 2013, CEO of a multi-business cooperative group operating in various Italian and European markets.
Always active in supporting associations working in solidarity activities. From 1999 to 2009 President of Boorea, Cooperative made up of Cooperatives with the mission of supporting and financing projects based on the values of hospitality and solidarity.

The main objective was to support projects for sharing knowledge as a factor for growth, development and the fight against poverty.
Since December 2018 she is a member of the Board of Directors at WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.


Wainer Stagnini
A manager in the large-scale retail trade, where he held different roles, both in the commercial ambit (marketing, communications) and in the central services (human resources, finance and control). At present, he is attending to franchising and export of Italian foodstuffs.
Before attending to retail, he was working in the field of the development cooperation, mainly in the South-Eastern European countries. He has managed projects of after-war development and rebuilding, as implemented by UN. He used to coordinate several decentralized cooperation initiatives.
Since 2013, he has been actively collaborating with GVC, by joining the Managing Committee of the Bolognese ONG. Since December 2018 she is a member of the Board of Directors at WeWorld-GVC ONLUS.