About us

WeWorld is an independent Italian organisation active in 25 countries, including Italy, focused on projects concerning Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid to guarantee the rights of the most vulnerable communities, especially women and children.

Mission and Vision

We strive for a better world where everyone, especially women and children, has equal opportunities and rights, access to resources, health, education and dignified work.
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  • The organization

    We promote lasting relationships within our staff, aimed at promoting stability and continuity. Find out about the people behind our organisation.

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  • Institutional Partners

    Our activities are financed by the European Union, MAECI (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), United Nations Agencies, Local Authorities and thanks to private resources from citizens, foundations, cooperatives and companies. In the last year we have activated over 300 partnerships.

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We have a transparent and traceable management of resources, because this has value towards all the people to whom our projects are addressed: beneficiaries, staff and collaborators, partners, public financiers and private donors.
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WeWorld and GVC

In 2018 the two organisations WeWorld and GVC decided to create a single entity in order to increase the impact on beneficiaries in Italy and around the world.
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