Ukraine Emergency: Your company can ensure support for the families and their children.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion, citizens have been paying the highest price. Boys, girls, and families have been forced to flee their homes, seeking shelter in reception centers or heading to other countries. Before the recent escalation, since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, some 2.9 million children, women, and men have been affected by eight years of conflict in eastern Ukraine, in the southeastern Donbas region. It is estimated that a large-scale attack like this could cost another 50.000 lives and displace up to 5 million people

Indeed, the ongoing conflict continues to have serious human costs, causing an increasing number of civilian casualties. Livelihoods have been disrupted and hundreds of homes, hospitals, airports, orphanages, and schools continue to be targeted and severely damaged. According to the UN, since the start of the offensive, about 7 million people have been displaced and more than 4 million have left Ukraine headed for neighboring countries such as Poland and Moldova. In Italy, over 85.000 Ukrainians have already arrived in the country (of which about half are women and half minors) and, according to forecasts, at least 800.000 will arrive in the coming months.

WeWorld plans a wide-ranging intervention to respond to the ongoing humanitarian emergency with targeted initiatives and actions in Ukraine, Moldova, and Italy, aimed at guaranteeing humanitarian aid to the victims of war, in particular to boys, and girls, women, and families.

WeWorld is active in Ukraine and Moldova thanks to various local partners, including ChildFund Germany, which since 2004 has been operating in Ukraine with local non-governmental organizations in support of displaced children and young people.

With the contribution of your company, you can contribute to:

  • Operationally support vulnerable children, women, and families with the distribution of necessities (food, water, sleeping bags/blankets, sanitation kits, etc.).
  • Provide an economic support plan to vulnerable people for the purchase of necessities and family needs.
  • Provide counseling and psychological support for women, children, and vulnerable people fleeing war.
  • Guarantee playful and recreational activities for boys and girls who need to rebuild their routine and recreate a "normality" through the creation of child-friendly spaces.
  • Create an emergency education plan to carry out educational and school activities (a sort of DAD model) to ensure educational continuity for children and teenagers.

You will help us bring relief and keep the most fragile people safe. You will have the opportunity to share with your customers and employees the virtuous example of a company attentive to humanitarian rights by taking the front line in the defense of vulnerable women, boys, and girls.

Your company will thus be able to take sides against the war and on the side of rights, supporting our intervention in the Ukrainian Emergency.


By Bank transfer

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If you want to design with us a dedicated plan for the Ukraine emergency in line with the needs of your company, contact us by email at or call us at 3406049913