Sharing values and objectives with customers allows to establish a solid and lasting bond that translates into a strong sense of identification in the brand.

Here are our proposals:

Collection of Points

Support for WeWorld projects can be linked with customers loyalty programs. For example, through a collection of points we will be able to transform the total points donated into a precise and tangible action: 100 vaccines, 50 kg of rice, a specialist visit, a set of notebooks and pencils, a hygienic-sanitary kit, etc

Corporate Philanthropy

A company can act as an intermediary between its customers and WeWorld in a fundraising campaign. This opportunity offers a further reason to dialogue with customers, studying their behaviours and the conscious attitudes and choices that increasingly characterize the consumers.                                                                                

Corporate events

With our collaboration, you can organize charity auctions, galas, parties, dinners and corporate lunches transforming a meeting, a conference or an anniversary into a real charity event.

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