WeWorld Index 2022

WeWorld Index 2022
Publication Date
November 2022
Edited by
WeWorld - ChildFund Alliance

Now at its eighth edition, the WeWorld Index evaluates the level of inclusion and exclusion of women, children and youth globally, photographing their living conditions in about 170 countries. The Index is composed of 30 indicators grouped into 15 dimensions, which refer to 4 fundamental areas for the implementation of the rights of women, girls and children: health, education, economy and society, to which is added the environmental and cultural context, decisive in the quality of life of these two social categories.

The 2022 edition delves into the overlapping effects of the crises characterizing today's world and how they impact the living conditions of women and children.  

While not exhaustive, the Index identifies five key barriers that are great threats to children: poverty, conflicts, forced migration, climate change, and online risks.  

Finally, it explores how the effects of the key barriers intertwine with each other, creating a threatening combination that could potentially compromise the future of an entire generation and of generations to come.