Ukraine Crisis – Regional Response Plan

Ukraine Crisis – Regional Response Plan
Publication Date
March 23, 2022

ChildFund Deutschland will continue its support to its Ukrainian partner organizations in the North, South and East regions of the country. The provision of financial support is key to the carrying out of various emergency-led responses to alleviate the suffering felt by victims of the war. WeWorld, another member of the ChildFund Alliance, will support ChildFund Deutschland with coordination, advocacy and communication efforts, as well as organize a response for refugees who have crossed over into Moldova. The name of the Ukrainian partner organizations working tirelessly have been omitted from this plan to protect their anonymity.

The ChildFund Response Plan will provide an integrated approach to support victims of the war in Ukraine and the refugees present in neighboring countries:

  • Supporting children and their families who have become IDPs, through the provision of food, medicine and basic items directly to families and shelters. Furthermore, financial transfers to Ukrainian supermarkets to distribute food and basic items for free.
  • Education and psycho-social support to children through the continuation of online educational services and support programs.
  • Support to refugees who have crossed into Moldova, by assisting partner organizations in Moldova for their humanitarian response.
  • Continuous advocacy and lobbying through various high-level political channels both globally with commitments of the ChildFund Alliance and nationally in EU member states (Italy, Germany)

Read the full Regional Response Plan for more information