Ukraine Conflict Emergency Response: Situational Report #02

Ukraine Conflict Emergency Response: Situational Report #02
Publication Date
March 9, 2022

A full-scale military attack (invasion) of Ukraine was started by Russia in the night of February 23/24, 2022. Cities, towns and other targets in all regions of Ukraine have been shelled or attacked with rockets, and columns of military vehicles have been invaded the country from three directions (north, east and south). Fighting continues across all regions with Russian forces capturing cities along the south coast but facing tougher resistance in the northern parts of the country. Residential areas in cities such as Kharkiv, Kyiv and Mykolaiv have been shelled and destroyed, with many lives have been lost. Ongoing negotiations between the governments of Ukraine and Russia have yielded no results in bringing a ceasefire or end to the conflict. Evacuation efforts and the establishment of humanitarian corridors have so far failed; two evacuation efforts aiming to allow 200,000 people to leave Mariupol have been cancelled in the past two days.

However, approximately 23,000 people were evacuated from Kharkiv, though not without fatalities occurring. So far, half a million children have fled Ukraine, though many more face extremely dangerous protection risks within the country.

As it stands, 650,000 people have been left without electricity and 130,000 people do not have natural gas supply, in areas in the north, south and east of the country, which has a devastating impact on families, and public services amidst an ongoing winter. Many cities are lacking sufficient food, water and household items, as supplies are often hampered by the conflict or cut off completely.

ChildFund are financially supporting Ukrainian partner organizations who are meeting the needs of war victims; in particular women and children IDPs. The support provided by CFD helps purchasing and distributing food, medicine and other basic items, as well as the online provision of educational services to children. As of March 2nd, the funds sent by CFD have supported more than 2,000 children. For more information, please read the report.